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About Noeleen Bontempi

Who am I? Who is this person? Well I am South African born, married to an Italian, with 3 sons. I have being living in Ireland since September 2002. The journey to Ireland was a significant one for me.

My Background

Well like many people I have struggled to find my focus and my career. I have spent many years in the financial services arena starting in an insurance company and moving into banking trying to find a fulfilling career. I have struggled to maintain the happiness I thought a career would bring me. I have three rowdy boys that have been my focus and priority for many years, yet through this I have felt that something is missing. As with most people decisions are forced on us and being made redundant was the start for me to question my career and life purpose.

I started my training as a Life and Business Coach in January 2006 this was the start of my own personal development and journey. I studied part time and found another ‘day’ job that would give me the freedom to finish the studying and to start looking at how I wanted to use this new found knowledge. I graduated as a Life and Business coach in June 2006. Using the knowledge that I gained during the course it has been a long road to finding out what I wanted to do. The experience of my own journey and the changes that I have had to make in my beliefs and attitudes has led me to create the workshops and course that I am successfully running. The Moving Forward Workshops and the Effective Personal Goal Setting course have being designed to help you on your own journey of self discovery and to give you the tools to help you focus as I did on achieving my goals and Life purpose.

Through the guidance I have received I have felt at peace with my new life purpose and my own goals and ambitions. This move was the start for me to feel that I can trust in my own intuition and feelings and be guided by the divine source.

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